Asset Management | Joint Pole Administration

Maximize understands the importance of an organized and well-maintained system for tracking assets. We save our customers valuable time in the office and in the field by tracking critical assets, including equipment type, size, and location, for both underground and aerial applications on poles or conduits.

Poorly managed asset records can lead to doubled time and effort when technicians have to revisit sites to find information a second or even third time, which drives project costs higher and increases the time to completion. By relying on Maximize for asset management, our customers never have to worry about where to find or store their data.


Maximize Communications Group meets all Joint Pole Administration needs, from pole field visits and preliminary research, to form generation and submission, to pole design and asset record maintenance.

Maximize manages the process from start to finish, coordinating with all agencies and member utilities, managing time frames and approval windows, and tracking critical deadlines.

By allowing Maximize to handle the JPA process, our customers will be free to focus on their core operations without having to spend critical time or resources on tracking down the appropriate contacts at member utilities or managing the paperwork required by the Joint Pole process.


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